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Loggit is the intelligent alternative to the traditional saw horse.

When you cut a branch or trunk on a traditional saw horse, how many times do you have to reposition it on the horse to stop it falling off? How many times do you need to put your chainsaw down in order to do this? How many times does the chainsaw stall and you have to spend time and energy restarting it? What effect does all this have on the time taken to cut a single length of timber? What is the effect on your back?

The answer is that virtually every cut you make, you end up doing this and it is tedious, bad for your back and not focussing on the chainsaw operation is potentially dangerous.

What is needed is a method of holding the timber safely and at the correct position for you to “cut, cut, cut” to the end of the log.

Introducing the “LOGGIT” from Raasay Engineering.

Loggit allows you to focus your attention on safe and efficient use of your chainsaw by reliably supporting the timber through to the very last cut. As easy as slicing bread!

Loggit is designed to hold the timber at a height which will have you standing comfortably and is good for your back.

Loggit holds all diameters of timbers (max length 2m), adjustable using differential pitch location to give 10mm increments to enable an accurate and firm grip on all log diameters.
Loggit has laser profiled jaws located to give a cantilever bite which uses the weight of the log to grip. The bigger the log, the tighter the bite!

Loggit is made from a sturdy galvanised steel structure which, even if left outside, will last and last.
Loggit breaks down into small enough components to fit into the back of an average estate car.
Loggit assembles in seconds with no tools.

Loggit is fast. This log(left) was converted into this(right) in 1 minute 50s – that’s 11 seconds per cut! (6” Douglas fir)

(Ok so I had to line the logs up after…)

“Loggit”, the intelligent alternative to the traditional saw horse.
Converting the task of woodcutting into an absolute pleasure.

£195 (£234.00 inc vat)
Please contact us for payment/delivery options.

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