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We are now pleased to introduce a new range of stainless steel hydraulic header tanks. These have been developed specifically for our range of haulers, but are equally suitable for a large number of alternative applications. There are three tanks in the range 4 gal (18 litres), 6 gal (27 litres) and 9 gal (40 litres). These sizes correspond typically with the R3/4, R7/8 and R9/10. If you have other applications running on board, it may be advisable to consult with us before deciding which tank is most suitable to you.
The tanks come complete with straining filler caps and internal pipework to ensure complete recirculation of the fluid. There is also a small amount of "dead space" at the bottom of each tank to allow for a certain amount of sedimentation.
There are four 3/4" BSP connections - two supply and two return. Blank off the ones you don't use. The tanks are fully TIG welded to guarantee weld quality.
The stainless steel eliminates the need for painting and prevents rust accumulating in your system. While the mounting brackets are normally as shown, we manufacture these tanks ourselves, so if you have any specific mounting requirements, please tell us.

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